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    Is it possible/safe to remove the airbag components from the steering wheel centre so that it can be made to look like the standard setup, I’ve got the airbag out of the car but I’m a bit nervous about stripping the wheel centre down? I guess if it’s ok I can do something similar on the passenger side.

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    chris dear

    Yes, that is what I have done. Just needs a bit of plastic cutting then just stick the original cover back on the wheel with a simple push button for the horn push. Passenger air bag is the same and easy to remove.


    Hi, am i right in thinking i read in the regs that the car had to have a current MOT? if so removing the airbag is a failure item as is dissconecting it if the warning light doesn’t operate as it should, so are you supposed to take for an mot and then remove/disable the air bag then next mot time replace etc ?

    Just bought a car and wanting to start the build asap

    Rich Bernard

    Matt if you go to a garage who MoT rally cars, then they’ll be able to pass it for you. That’s what we were told, what we did do though was get a fresh MoT before we started the build, just to get as much time as possible before it needs doing again,

    Caryl Wills

    As Rich suggested, if you present the car as a rally car, they can add a comment to the test report stating it’s a rally car and then the airbag test should not cause an MOT failure.


    Alternatively, you can use 2.2 ohm resistors in every airbag device plug. There is a procedure you must follow to ensure the airbag ecu doesn’t register a device failure:


    First, and this is important, disconnect the negative battery terminal. Assuming you do this before the airbag system shows a fault, you’ll be able to complete the procedure without having to have the airbag ecu reset.


    Next, unplug all the airbag connectors. Depending on the version of C1 you’ve got you’ll have at least these devices:


    Steering wheel airbag
    Front passenger airbag
    Driver seat belt pretensioner
    Passenger seat belt pretensioner


    You’ll need to retain the passenger air bag switch which is on the lower right side of the steering column. I haven’t found a way to remove this device – it isn’t just an on/off switch and removing it and shorting the wires doesn’t work.


    If you have a Rhythm, you’ll also have some extra airbags and sensors. You’ll need to retain the sensors in both doors. You’ll also have to put resistors in the connectors under each seat (both front seats have side curtain airbags).


    Fitting the resistors is quite easy. Make a ripple in the resistor wires so they fit tightly into the plug sockets, plug them in and wrap the plug in tape so nothing can touch the resistor wires. When you’re done attach the negative battery terminal. If all the connections are made properly, you should see the abs light come on when you turn the ignition on and then go out. If you get a flashing light, you have a bad connection somewhere and will need to plug in a diagnostic box to see where the problem is and to clear the error in the ECU.


    If you’re in the southwest i have one and would be happy to help. I always take it with me to race meetings, so if you need to investigate an error or clear one, I can help.

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    Great, Thanks for that.



    Just asked the same question else where (ta)


    Seat belt light?


    Don’t bother messing with resistors etc etc, just remove the airbag led in the dash, takes about 10 minutes………..


    Bloody obnoxious flashing light.

    So I have resistors in plugs, steering wheel, dash and seat belt ones. The light still flashes.
    Am I right in thinking I need to get the airbag ecu reset? I assume because the car has been run without anything in the plugs the ecu thinks there’s a problem. I dont think my reader does airbags.
    I know somebody suggested taking the bulb out but I believe for an mot the light has to come on and go out again.

    Thanks for any help.

    Philip Myatt

    yes you will need to get the error code deleted then it should be OK.


    Thoughts so thank you


    How do you get at the led to remove it – any picks?



    For a mot the light can’t be on BUT
    It can not fail for light not coming on

    Andy Napier

    This chap’s blog has photos of how to access and open the instruments.


    Great thanks – once you have the dial face off you can just use a screwdriver to break the top of the led off – so no air bag light.

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