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    For sale Citroen C1 (Car 423)
    Newly built for 2018 season , completed all five enduro races with continual development throughout the season…….Finished 5th at Rocky 2 Could do even better with the correct drivers (One of our drivers is not fast enough, me!!!!)
    This car is not an MOT failure type car that has had the club kit fitted.
    The car was extensively prepared using all new components which included the following
    Full club Kit….
    Bilstien dampers
    Apex springs
    Tillet B6F seat (uses the original seat runners so is adjustable, we where complimented by the scrutineer at Rocky on the install as the seat has no play at all).
    Replacement steering wheel and boss
    Correct close ratio gearbox (was full inspected with all new seals etc (25k mileage donor)
    Engine replaced, again with low mileage one of 29k
    New discs,
    New Clutch
    New water pump
    Factory refurbished brake calipers
    Braided brake hoses
    4 new wheel bearings which meant two new front ABS sensors
    New brake master cylinder
    SKF racing brake fluid
    All new wheels (2 sets)

    The car has had new oil and filter for every race and gear box oil every other race
    Comes complete with spare wheels, lap timer (aim solo)
    This car has had no major damage during its season of racing…..It does have some scuff marks on the front bumper and a small dent on the o/s/f wing (leave or very very easily repairable. The car is exactly as it finished Croft at the week end, The tyres are shot…but there are a couple of sets that are only part worn and would allow some serious testing before next season with buying any.
    Looking for £6250.00 (Also have a good used spare engine that ‘could be included if we can agree price!
    More picture and info available (car located in East Yorkshire)
    Please call Dave on 07852680267 or email

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    The results achieved with this car are as follows
    Rockingham one 3 hour 9th (We were very pleased as we had only done 2 hours in the car between the finished build and the first race)
    Pembrey 9th (We did the last two hours with virtually NO brakes….So again a very pleasing result This was the reason the car ended up with a new brake master cylinder!!!)
    Snetterton 13th again a pleasing result when you look at the number of C1 ‘s that started the race!!!
    Rockingham two 5th and only about 7 seconds behind 4th place…we where pleased!!!!
    Croft 11th

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    Thanks Marcus, nice to meet you.
    Good luck for next year


    Thanks Dave, lovely to meet you, thank you for making the whole process to buy your great car so very simple. Refreshing and honest, and we can’t wait to get racing next year. We will give you some consideration, and maybe let you through once or twice 😉

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