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    Hope no-one minds my laziness as posting a link, but:

    It’s a friend’s car. Only raced the minimum needed for a licence upgrade. Low mileage, fresh MoT, ready to go.

    I’m selling it for him as due to C19 he is basically forced to live abroad to work due to quarantines and travel restrictions.

    He’s got £4350 on the advert – but if you’re nice to him I’m sure there’s a bit of wiggle there. Fully built and scrutineered C1s don’t come cheaper than this!

    It has been moved so is now just off the M74 in southern scotland – a short hop to the border, however don’t let you put that off as delivery or some sort of “meet in the middle” can be arranged for little more than the cost of fuel.

    You can phone/email him through the advert of send me a message if interested.

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