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    Are there any regulations relating to either the use of, or (if usable) the specification of driver drinks systems for longer races?
    May be a stupid question but I can’t see anything anywhere in relation to this. Thanks.


    Progressive Motorsport Ltd sell a system that complies with the C1 regulations. It does not have any electrical components, it is super light weight and has a quick change cassette bottle for changing during driver changers, literally seconds.
    The system can be easily mounted to the passenger side.of the centre console.
    The full version of this system, that includes an FDA Compliant pump, can be found in many current GT and Prototype cars. This clubman version operates purely by sucking through an Non Return valve via a silicon tube. The whole system is FDA compliant.
    Further details, photos, instructions and costs can be obtained from
    Please REF: C1 Racing Drinks System

    I hope this helps.

    Mike Gleaves

    I have a Longacre drinks system fitted which is bolted to the cage. Got mine from Competition Supplies. not had any issues yet. I modified mine with a quick release valve (from same company) so more that one person could use bottle Nice thing is that it has a nice wide neck that you can put ice in your Vimto!. I also put a couple of wire tethers on to secure the bottle, to keep the scrutineers happy


    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Paul Ingram

    Keep it simple a cycle styles drinks bottle and holder fitted to the left of the seat (one bottle for each driver) is fine but only works easily with open face helmets!

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