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    Can I ask – when the front ride height of 560mm was decided on, did the car used to measure have ballast in? I have a real problem in that my freshly built car with parts conforming to regulation (apex springs, standard shocks from Eurocarparts) is slightly too low, at around 552mm on the drivers side. The passenger side is just high enough.

    What can I do here? There’s nothing adjustable, and short of bending the wing I can’t adjust the heights. I guess this is down to tolerances in the chassis/body panel fit that causes the issue, but means I currently can’t meet regulations.

    Has anyone else had issues? How did you overcome these?


    We have had the same issue. We also have had a car built by someone else in for inspection, and it would appear the Bilsteins run lower by around 10mm, and the best camber we can get, even with a subframe shuffle is Neg 5.2 degrees, even after changing the hub, nowhere near the 4 limit.

    Even on a new built car, we struggle to keep it under 4 degrees, and it is obvious some of the cars ate Silverstone had more than the max allowed 4 – I just dont think it attainable once a spring has settled.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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