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    martin weston

    We have a car built ready for next year & have done one trackday. The problem we have is since then the car will only start intermittently and we seem to have an immobiliser problem. We were advised that the immobiliser could be damaged by turning off the battery which doesn’t make sense. It looks like we will need to get a new immobiliser, but we don’t really know the cause of the problem. Anybody got any advice ?.

    Also it looks like the ECU has been out and resealed at some point. I assume it is not allowed to remap the ECU ?

    We were surprised to find the steering lock is still connected which would not ,of course, usually be allowed for circuit racing,but cannot see any reference to this in the regulations. Presumably it should be disconnected ?
    Any info. regarding the above would be great. Thanks folks.

    Philip Myatt

    Hi Martin
    I’ve not encountered your ecu problem so I can’t be much help. Have you connected a fault reader to it?
    You are correct that it is not allowed to remap the ECU. Do you have any history for the car?
    Steering lock – as the car is still road legal it doesn’t need the steering lock to be disabled.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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