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    So with the excitement of a new formula let’s have a thread about the people involved.  Who are you. Where are based. Previous experience.  What events are you planning etc.

    Im Ben. Been involved and racing lots of different motorsport all my life.  Just done the  1 season of circuit racing in the Xr challenge. Managed to grab a win and 3rd in the championship but fancy a change.  Just received my kit and suspension so will be making a start soon.

    We we are based up in Blackpool and team will be me and the missus and whoever else we can rope in.  Our first event will likely be Caldwell. Possibly pembrey.  The 24hr will depend on if I can find drivers with ability to get national a license.

    Over to you.  Don’t be shy

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    chris dear

    Hi ben, this feels like an as meeting where we all confess our sins!


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Just tell the good stuff then!</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Is my post showing up funny on your computer?</p>

    Caryl Wills

    Hi Ben,

    I’m Caryl Wills – I’m a bloke and built the first car following a discussion Philip (Myatt) and I were having about how to make 2CV racing cheaper. We’d already done a BMW R1100 conversion for the 2CV, but that just moved the weakest point from delicate race engine to the gearbox. He suggested I look into fitting a C1 engine in a 2CV. After much thought I came to the conclusion it was just too difficult and said ‘Stuff it, why don’t we just race a C1’. In April last year I bought a C1 from Copart for £700, put a race seat in it and went testing at Mallory. It was a hoot – only problem was it ate a new nearside front tyre by lunch time which led to the development of the club kit.

    My racing history was a quite successful period racing karts back in the early 70s as a junior and then nothing other than track days until 2011 when I did my first 2CV 24hr race. Since then I’ve done 5 UK 24 hr races (best result 5th) and 4 Spa 24hr races with 3 class wins (admittedly small classes).

    I’ve got a really nice 2CV race car with fantastic provenance that won some races with either me or Kris Tovey (a young racing snake) in 2015 and 2016.

    Caryl Wills

    Ben, by the way your posts are full of HTML, so yes, they do look odd.

    chris dear

    Hello eveyone, I’m Chris, car no 146 with absolute alignment all over it, last seen by most at the autosport show or hammering around the tracks of the UK making sure its worn out ready for the start of the real racing. I will be teaming up with Dan welch for the short races and have robin Austin ready to add in for the 24h.
    I have been racing for 19 years in low powered crap cars so should be okay this year, so far I have managed to win 1 race back in 2002 buts that it!
    See you all at the track where I will have alignment equipment on hand for anyone who needs help.


    only seems to happen when im on my phone,    any ideas why anybody? posts are fine when i use the computer

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    Caryl Wills

    What kind of phone are you using? Also which browser? It appears to be putting incorrectly formed long form HTML tags around everything.


    Hi all, I’m Matt Owen and will be piloting car #128 with my father Richard and eventually my son Max. My first taste of circuit racing was in 2004 in an MG maestro and then the following 2 years in a Vauxhall nova 1300 with the CSCC……..and then ran out of money. That said, whilst doing this, I was still competing with the British lawn mower racing association, which I have done for 17yrs, 3rd in the British championship and 2nd in the famous 12hr being my best results. I have also dabbled in karting and currently have TKM100 and a 250 gearbox(in need of a little tlc) sat in the garage.

    This build of the C1 is a first for me, having purchased my previous rides, hence some possibly daft questions on here but I am pleased with the result. Looking forward to taking part in all the UK rounds and fingers crossed Spa too.

    Rich Bernard

    I’m Rich Bernard and have been building a car with Mark Benson over the winter.


    Mark has been racing on and off for 15 years, I’m in my fourth year. In 2015 we raced my Westfield together with CSCC, last year we changed to a Boxster in Modern Classics, this year perhaps some 750mc Club Enduro alongside CSCC and C1 races.


    I 2006 & 2007 I managed a team in the 24hr 2CV race and we always fancied revisiting longer endurance races, the C1 seems the perfect fit for us.


    I was lucky enough to have a seat in a C1 in the Spa 24hr last year, after my first stint we started looking for a car to build ourselves. Subject to finding another driver, we’ll be at all the races this year.

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    Mark Benson

    I’m the above mentioned Mark Benson.

    Been racing on and off for 17 years, not 15 – started in 2000 in Locost and have raced sports and saloons ever since.

    Won a few races in the Northern Sport and Saloon Championship in a Clio Cup and a Ginetta G20, did the 2007 2CV 24 with Rich’s team and always fancied another go but not the cost or limitations of buying and building a competitive 2CV.

    Rich talked me into going halves on a C1 after his drive in the Spa race last year, I was sceptical at first, not wanting to build a car for a series that didn’t make it past the first season but loved the idea of it and the number of cars in build makes me think this series might just have legs.

    I’m pretty much doing the C1 myself in the garage, documenting it on Pistonheads –

    We thought it might generate a bit of interest in the series if people could see a car being built by an IT manager, not a dedicated race outfit.

    Subject to a test day at Croft next week (they’ve put us in the session with the 2CVs which could be awkward), we’ll be at Snetterton on the 7th – look out for the blue car with (if Rich pulls his finger out getting them painted) white wheels.

    Andy Napier

    Hello Everyone,


    I’m Andy Napier.  Been racing for around 12 years in the UK and Europe.


    Previously Lotus Cup UK Champion, and CSCC Modern Classics Series winner.


    I’m also an MSA / ARDS Instructor largely at Silverstone, but I do get around other places for trackday private instruction.


    Fortunately I bumped into the series at the Snetterton round when I was there catching up with friends in Britcar.  What started as a passing curiousity escalated into a chat with Philip, and by the end of the day I had Ebay/Gumtree searches in place for a likely candidate car.


    We recently found it (VTR / 2008 / 79,000 miles) looking a bit sad, unloved and forlorn  – but fundamentally straight and sound in a little village near Corby (for a paltry £600)!


    It needs a bloody good service and going over.   And then we’ll get on with the race prep.  Sadly the team won’t make Spa as it clashes with my prior commitments co-driving in this years Mull Rally.


    Hope to meet a few of you soon somewhere.

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    Hi Andy,

    We chatted briefly at Snetterton, the car Fast Eddy is involved with is mine, good to see you were bitten by the bug. These things are great fun and I’m certain you’re going to enjoy yours when you’ve got it together.



    Hi everyone,

    My friend and I are currently building a car and are hoping to be out for Pembrey. Pending delivery of the roll cage this week! I have a small amount of experience with sprint racing and it will be the other drivers first race so we will try and not get in everyone’s way! It’s going to be a steep learning curve with having to do pit stops and refuelling but that’s all part of the fun.


    Hope to see you all there.



    Hi, all i’m Matt i had a few seasons in   NW ff1600 a few years but lack of funds and to be honest talent got the better of me so not done anything since until about 2 years ago a mate asked if i fancied taking part in a 12 hour lawnmower race, i said No but he needed me to build the thing so he convinced me and we had a great time so when he heard about the C1 series his ears pricked up again and this time i took no convincing as i have been itching to race again, so as things stand we are awaiting the cage to be delivered and the we can get really stuck into the build, we have a black vtr+ with 36k ish on the clock. it was a cat d i think but is straight and goes as it should i think.

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