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    Hi didn’t see this thread so heres me.

    My names Phil, I have been involved in motorsport for around 20 years with some gaps, raced karts for a couple of years as a teenager, managed my own kart team in my late 20’s and been coaching/instructing on and off ever since.  I also raced in the MG Metro Cup for 3 years (married with 2 daughters – started racing cars lol) we won the overall championship in 2015 which was our last year. It was our first effort at building a race car which took 3 years to get to the same spec of some of the other cars, the C1 is a very different prospect and an exciting challenge/project. My number one mechanic/logistics manager/sponsor etc is my dad who spends his retirement building my engines and gearboxes 🙂

    I bought an early vibe which I’m currently using on the road, well its on my dads drive at the moment while I fit all the geometry bits around work, the roll cage is in the back garden

    I currently work as an ARDS instructor at various places around the country.

    I will be looking to rent drives out in my car in 2018, I’m hoping to come to cadwell this year to say hello, I was hoping to be able to enter Spa this year.

    Very excited to be involved in what looks like it could be a brilliant championship, Im based in south leicestershire so nice and central to many circuits.

    Looking forward to meeting some new people in motorsport.




    Very new to this forum and also the C1 racing club. I was unaware that a low cost endurance championship like this was running as i enquired about 2 other championships at Autosport and didnt see the C1 series.

    I’m about to purchase the starter kit after speaking to Phil and am then on the lookout for a suitable car. It is my intention to have my son (Max 15) build the car under my guidance ready for 2018 (Keen to know the dates for 2018).

    Ive put a link onto our website as we have done a little racing in the past but both Max and I are keen to attend as many races as possible and share our experience with some of our customers. It is our intention to post a build on facebook and also the forum to show if we are on track (time wise) and also give us motivation to get finished in time.

    I’m looking forward to meeting fellow racers at circuits in the next yr or so and hopefully get the fun back into racing.

    I really enjoy the endurance format to racing and have recently been doing afew Britcar races alongside FF1600.

    Many thanks Glen


    Hi, my name is Keerat. I’ve been lurking in the online shadows of the c1 racing club (and Classic VW Cup) for about a while now. It is about time I satisfied my motor racing urge and got involved. I’m still torn as to which series to get involved in.

    I’ve no real racing experience other than the usual casual karting and occasional track day. In the past I did tinker (a bit too much) with my mk1 golf, but family commitments took priority. I’ve more time now so looking to have some fun again!

    Will see you all around!


    Hi, I’m Luc and I’m from Luxembourg.
    I drove Belgian #204 last year @24h Spa.
    We’ll participate to the 2018 season with 204 again !

    Daniel Hepper


    I’m Daniel, from Cologne, Germany. I first stumbled upon the C1 Racing Club when I read about Spa 2016 on It sounded like fun, so last year I went to Spa as a spectator, and I hope to participate in some races this year.

    My first step will be getting a license, though, as I don’t have any racing experience besides some indoor karting and a couple of laps on the Nordschleife.

    Looking forward to meeting you folks at the track!

    Lee Reader

    Hello from Scotland. Looking to buy a car and build it this year, with an aspiration to join in the fun in 2019. Here’s hoping there is a Scottish race in a future calendar, I think these cars would suit Knockhill. Anyway, until I find a suitable car, somewhere close enough to get back home without adding £500 to the cost, I’ll just be reading the forum and watching the videos. Good luck to those competing this year.

    Philip Myatt

    Hi Lee, you should definitely find one in Scotland, I bought one miles from nowhere a couple of months ago.

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