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    Hi chaps,

    I have a couple of of clarifications required on the newly introduced 2019 regulations regarding on-board cameras, if anyone is in the know or has advice it’d be most appreciated.

    – Camera location, the regulations state simply that “the camera shall be mounted to the screen”. Taking this at face value i’m assuming we need some sort of suction mount (or similar) on the screen, has anyone found something that will hold a GoPro and wont drop off in a slight breeze? Alternatively could the camera be mounted on the cage directly above the screen surround using a standard screen mount? The location also does not record the driver, under scrutiny following an incident shouldn’t the drivers actions be looked at – I’m assuming this has been discussed at length and I’m just picking at a scab?

    – Camera power – can the power feed to camera be hard wired directly to the back of the 12v socket rather than just getting plugged in (thinking about issues around the plug coming out when driving over curbs etc)?

    Thanks in advance

    Car No. 429



    It has been a big discussion (Unofficial site) Some people are going go pro, some dash camera. 12v connection via the cig lighter i believe is fine.
    There has been no real conclusion so far.
    I also believe the msa don’t like suction cups on the screen and a second tether is required (loom tie).
    We are deciding very soon after lots of looking on the net.
    Best wishes, Glen Emaxmotorsport



    Thanks Glen, i’m assuming you’re referring to the Facebook unofficial drivers page when you say unofficial site?

    it would be nice to get some clarity from the club though, not an insignificant amount of money to shell out for a small team like ours and we’d like to get it right first time.



    Andy Taylor

    Guys I’m struggling to find a camera with 160 degree viewing angle as per the regs. The majority seem to be 140 Has anyone got any suggestions please.

    Thanks, Andy



    We are using an Olfi OneFive Black 4K Action camera.
    Can do a deal for fellow C1 Racers!!!!



    Hi Andy
    someone posted this one up on the unofficial Face Book page


    We’re going to be using a GoPro until we’re told otherwise, as are a lot of others i believe.



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