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    i assume that as per Croft entrants will be allowed to enter the same car in both races with different drivers in each , if this is correct will there be a separate
    Qualifying session for each race or if there is only to be one qualifying will
    It be long enough to qualify potentially 8 drivers (four per car per race)
    Asking before we decide how many different drivers put in the car



    I raised a similar question a month or so ago and was told we can have different drivers in each race, however I would like to hear how they intend to manage the qualifying………….


    From previous races each driver has to qualify (min 3 laps).

    Joe Cruttenden

    At Croft, all drivers from both races had to qualify in the one session. The grid for race 2 was the results from race 1 with the top 10 reversed.

    The qualifying is 1 hour 45, so you’d be looking at 13 minutes each driver which is plenty to do your 3 laps around Pembrey.


    JDC Racing


    For information this weekend at Pembrey had a similar setup. 1 qualifying session was held on the first day and set the start order for both races. On the morning of the second day there was a short warm up session to allow new drivers to do their required 3 laps to prove their ability and allow them to take part – this did not effect the starting order for the race.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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