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    Rich Bernard

    Just having a quick look through the regs and have a few questions. Suspect some others may have them too, so thought it was worth posting them here for Caryl, Philip & Meyrick to answer.

    1. Do we need an entrants licence, or can we simply enter as the first named driver?
    2. Do all drivers in the car need to be members of BARC?
    3. How do we pay the £50 registration fee to the club?
    4. I presume series & sponsor decals will be available at sign on at Snetterton, is there a decal guide so that we can ensure we keep the relevant areas free, or are they just as 20.1.3 in the regs?
    5. Do we get the series championship log books at our first race?

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at Snetterton in four weeks time.

    Rich Bernard

    Ignore #3, as I’ve just done it on the website. When I originally registered in January I don’t think you had your payment link set up yet.


    Good questions Rich,

    1. You don’t need an entrants license, we will enter you as the first named driver. There is a field on the entry form for your team name.
    2. No, only one driver per car must be a member of BARC.
    3. Some people registered before we managed to get our PayPal account setup (you’re one of them, Rich). I’ll be sending out an email to everyone in this position in the next few days with instructions on how to pay the £50 registration fee.
    4. It’s as 20.1.3 in the regs. Front windscreen race numbers must be below the windscreen decal. BARC stickers are required (they will be available at signing on) and must be placed on the front wings.
    5. Vehicle Log Books will be available at the first and subsequent races.

    The Absolute Alignment windscreen banner is 17cm high. Chris Dear (of Absolute Alignment) is going to send them out next week and will take some to each race.


    About point 2 – the BARC membership.

    The regulations state:

    1.3.2 Drivers and Entrant/Drivers must:

    a) be current racing members of the BARC and

    b) be Registered for the Series and


    I took that to mean that all drivers would need to be members of BARC (which seems logical?)


    I spoke with BARC this morning to clarify what they require. For the 2017 season only 1 team member must be a BARC member. This will be reviewed over the winter and may change for the 2018 season.

    Rich Bernard

    I’m already a member of CSCC and 750mc, may as well try for a full house!


    With all the talk of 39 cars being prepared and rumours of some interesting names being involved is there any chance you could publish a list of the entries so far for Snetterton?


    Bugger! That’s a few ££ I could have saved!


    “I’m already a member of CSCC and 750mc, may as well try for a full house!”

    Me, too. And Shenstone and District Car Club, and the RNRMMSA and the Armed Forces Race Challenge.

    How about doing something innovative and taking a leaf out of the rallying and speed event world and just saying that drivers can be invited members of an authorised MSA race club.

    it would save us all about £90 and it all adds up in this budget series, and it would set an example to other series.

    I actually resent the fact that I have to join the BARC as well as the other clubs I’m already a member of.


    Split the cost of the membership with the rest of the team?

    Caryl Wills

    I’m afraid BARC membership is not something we have any control over. This season they have relaxed their normal rules where every driver has to be a member. This could save £270 per team of 4 drivers, which I think is quite generous.

    chris dear

    Hi Caryl, I have signed up so no problem, but for the pros, dont forget that if you have a international c or above license you are considered a professional race driver so fo not have to join each club you are racing with. But best check if that counts when regs say, at least one driver must be a member.

    Caryl Wills

    Thanks Chris – you never stop learning… I’ll give BARC a call on Monday and see what they say.


    Are we running std white roundel with black numbers or hi viz yellow window stickers for our race number??

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