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    I think it would be a good idea if radios are allowed ,not only on a safety point but also at circuits like Rockingham you cannot see lap boards on the pit wall.

    This would only add cost to your racing if you wished to purchase a system also it has no performance advantage .

    I may be a point that could be discussed at a  committee meeting.

    Trackday Trophy etc allow it on safety reasons.


    Although i have radio systems for the other championships we race in and could use them with no additional financial outlay I don’t think they should be allowed. It is a performance advantage in the fact you can call in at the last minute or at any point rather than having to wait a lap after seeing a pitboard.

    Also as a cost thing a system worth having that will cover a full circuit is going to be a minimum of £1500 and could be £5k plus to get coverage for a circuit like Spa.

    The lower the costs can be kept the more attractive the series will be to the majority, I have built my car for my own use but also for my staff/mechanics from the other series we run cars to use as they aren’t able to afford to race elsewhere but with the low costs it keeps it fun and achievable for them to go racing and me to help support them by providing a car.

    Andy Napier

    I concur completely with Peter.


    The point of the series is cheap, technically baselined, safe, fun racing.


    To address the safety issue directly – all around the world races are held every weekend where communication to drivers is managed perfectly effectively with flags, lights and boards.


    If someone is that inept or lacking in confidence that they have to have a member of their team relaying messages via a radio in the supposed interests of safety then it is arguable that they perhaps shouldn’t be out racing.


    Secondly, radios are a massive performance advantage especially in endurance racing.  I’ve won races and gone laps up simply through receiving a timely message that a safety car was about to be deployed, or that the pit lane was being closed and to stay out.


    Is the reason for the ban down to cost? There are some really cheap ways of doing it, that don’t normally work due to the engine volume, but would be fine in the C1’s.



    Or your mobile phone with headset


    Andy Napier

    Mobile phone communication is not allowed under Blue Book section Q (circuit racing) 8.1.10 as they are not one of the MSA approved signalling methods.


    The only verbal communication allowed (where allowed by the club) is via radios operating on an approved frequency.



    No signal of any kind may pass between a moving car and anyone connected with the car’s Entrant, Team or Driver save for the following:


    (i) Legible messages on a Pit Board

    (ii) Body movement by the Driver

    (iii) Verbal communication between a Driver and his Team by means of radio using an approved frequency subject to 8.1.10(a)

    (iv) Lap trigger signals from the Pits to the car.


    Its not only the cost its the perceived cost.

    When one person has it everyone has too and although there are cheaper systems they really aren’t that great. To make it fair the best way is to not allow it.

    The only radio system that i think for safety that could be investigated (not that i think its needed) is like they used to run in funcup with a link to everyone to the CoC so they could contact individual cars but also give warnings for oil, yellow flags, safety cars etc. was only a one way system from CoC to all cars but that covers off the safety angle.

    I’ve only done Spa so far in our car but it was great fun, low cost racing and i’ve entered for Rockingham. Can we just try and keep it like that rather than the constant creep in additional equipment/car spec. the formula works as is proven by the interest in Rockingham and the number of cars being built!


    Someone suggested that a few teams were using them at Spa last weekend, FYI.


    some of my guys saw drivers with ear pieces.


    I personally think policing the current rule is a far better solution.

    Philip Myatt

    I have full radio headset equipment in my helmet as required in other cars I’ve driven in. It is a massive advantage, the systems that work are expensive, and it will not be allowed in C1’s.


    As much as i like my radio system in one of my other cars this the C1 club is all about cheap available racing…..and for this reason I’m with the ‘NO RADIO’ votes as it is a massive cost and advantage.



    tim Storrar

    The main reason I am in the process of building my C1 is affordability. Lets keep things to reasonable levels or the whole thing will end up going the way of dozens of other championships, dying because of spiralling costs and big money coming in to win a few more trophies to the detriment of clubman racers.

    Tim Storrar.

    Caryl Wills

    We started this club for low cost endurance racing – it’s a key principle  and core to our ethos. Radios that work are expensive and give massive benefit. They will not be allowed.

    chris dear

    Some people were using phones, if caught by the race directors they would be out the race, but anyhow, we just used the std radio in the car to send one way message. Was that not allowed?

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