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    luke schwartz

    Hi Fellas
    Despite it being a poor time to Post (all you guys will be busy at silverstone right now) i thought id try my luck anyways and ask a question

    Im re- installing the original suspension to the original shorter drive shafts and original whishbones (Car is my daily driver which is needs to be restored for TüV)

    I would like to know if both inner and outer Track rods need replacing (i presume so as i cut quite a chunk of the inner tie rod thread and loctighted the extension to the outer tie rod)

    How is the inner tie rod secured to the steering rack? Via Pin or bent over washer? Which tools would i need to replace. Funnily enough i cant seem to find to much info on Googles or in the Haynes Manual

    Help would be appreciated!



    Give Rick at Small cars are us a bell he’ll be your best bet
    Cheers Glen Emax

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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