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    how is refuelling done at Spa? Is it done at the garages by the team or driver take car to pumps like other 24/25h races like funcup?

    Caryl Wills

    Refuelling is done in the pit lane, outside the garages using a Tuff jug. Refueller must wear fireproof suit, gloves, balaclava and goggles. Beside him must be a person attired similarly, but without goggles, manning a fire extinguisher. You have to take your own fire extinguisher for this purpose and suitable for extinguishing petrol fires (so foam ideally).


    It’s a long walk from the F1 garages to the fuel station and you’re probably going to need to fill 2 x 20 ltr Tuff jugs (or maybe a 20 ltr and a 10 ltr) and take a fire extinguisher with you and someone to hold the extinguisher. A fuel trolley is probably needed.


    What standard do the fireproofs have to meet?

    is it FIA standards?

    Philip Myatt

    they need to be fireproof but don’t have to be to the latest driver standards. Old drivers overalls are perfect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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