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    MgDavid here is the link that is on the entry form

    The reason I ask is that this link take you to Track Day rules, as Philip states above this is a TEST day not a track day so this is the reason I ask can you have a passenger who is higher level of license.

    MSV only allow ARDS A or S instructors as passengers.

    On the Rockingham site when you click testing it takes you here, with no info on who can be. passenger on a test day.

    If you have the rules for a Rockingham test day can you post them please?


    Fair point, on re-reading I agree it’s all very confusing.
    The entry form says two thirds of the sessions are allocated to C1s so it implies sharing with another group / club but no idea who that might be although the implication is that it’s not a ‘private test day’.
    Philip has said it’s a test day; the entry form confirms this and then gives a link to ‘Rockingham track and test days’ – although as you say the actual document is headed ‘Track Days’ so who knows if it applies to test days or not.
    Lastly the Rock doc says just UK driving licences are required whereas the Club entry form requires a Race licence.
    So I think our esteemed club committee and the Rockingham circuit people need between them to get the documentation aligned and add some clarification.
    Another question I’d be asking is what’s the insurance situation? Is this an MSA-sanctioned event, if so you are covered, but if it’s not then where do you stand in the event of an accident resulting in a personal injury claim?
    In closing I’ll just say that I’ve held some sort of MSA licence for around 40 years and it’s no different now than back then in terms of confusing or conflicting rules and documentation. Certainly both the circuits and MSA paid professional staff don’t in my experience have sufficient anoraks and pedants to provide a clear and unambiguous framework for clubs and competitors to work from.
    And breathe…..


    So can we ride shot gun or not hahahahahaha


    I was looking for an answer to the passenger question too, since we put a spare seat in for the test day. It will take minutes to remove it so no issue, but anyway if you go here and click on “Additional Drivers” is says: Additional drivers are welcome provided they hold a current race licence and are not passengers in cars.

    I’m assuming therefore no shotgun ride 🙂

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    Yes Philip has confirmed no passengers

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