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    tim Storrar

    Just would like to register a big thank you to all the organisers for running a great meeting and working so hard under trying circumstances at times.

    Just a couple of points though.

    1) Driving standards: Work still needed on the mentality of some who seem to think that using their car as a battering ram to move others out of the way constitutes racing. It does not! Also drivers who are caught by clearly quicker drivers who seem to think that deliberate blocking is a part of racing, it is not!

    2) You Tube coverage: Having watched some of the coverage, generally very positive, but the in car filming was very poor. I know it seemed a cheaper way of covering the event, but to have to use your own phone to get pictures and download them to the web in these days of hacking and identity theft made our team decide not to take up the offer. I must admit to knowing nothing about this technology, but it surely it must be possible to get onboard filming without it going worldwide. As a team of club drivers on a budget a few extra pounds on the entry fee would not be out of order for ‘safe’ race filming.

    I fully expect to be corrected on the above, but do wish I had shares in a gaffer tape company after this weekend.

    Tim Storrar 377 OAP Racing.

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