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    following on from the email just sent out.

    I  currently have a c1 in build,

    I will possibly be looking for drivers, especially for the 24hr due to the restrictions on licenses and the people i know who are interested not having the required signatures, certainly this year any way.  This may also apply to uk races aswell if my other possible drivers have other commitments.

    What is the usual / reasonable / fair way of splitting costs, working out the money side of things,   of course I understand its between me and any other parties but if someone could share there experience on what they do / have done in the past that would be great.    Via pm is fine if you prefer and i will keep it confidential of course if you wish.

    For what its worth I don’t expect to be a front runner straight away but have had reasonable success in previous racing. My wife who is a complete novice (but a decent driver) will also be on the team.

    Feel free to pm or reply on here if you have any input,

    my email is if thats easier



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