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    A few questions
    1.Is there practice at Silverstone on the Friday is so who do we book with and cost please.
    2. Tyres will there be a tyre supply and fit at the meeting or any idea how long a set of 4mm front with last in the dry.
    3. Fuel station will be open 24 Hrs ????


    as being discussion on the “Unofficial Facebook page”..

    1. Friday test day is now listed to book on Silverstone’s webiste, £349 per car, appears to be plus garage and plus extra drivers. The day also appears to be sessions and shared with BritCar who are racing on the Saturday before the 24h starts.
    2. Dont know about supply, appears a few teams will ave fitting, but we`re worried that there may be a quite queue for them. No idea about how long the tyres will last, rumour is longer than Rockingham.
    3. Believe the fuel will be open 24hr, its self serve with credit card at the pump, so not fuel cards like Rocky, fuel station to fill tuff jugs, tuff jugs to fill the C1.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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