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    Just read exciting news regarding Sliverstone 24 hours in April. Raises question though. Around the time of the survey we were told there would be an April 2019 Spa 24 hours. I assume following today’s announcement that is no longer the case, so my team are keen to learn if there will be Spa 24 hours next October or indeed at any time next year. In other words does Silverstone replace Spa or will Spa still happen? ( we had committed ourselves to an April Spa, as Spa has always been our goal) 🙂

    Philip Myatt

    We had hoped that we would be at Spa for a 24hr in early April, a number of different factors has led to this event being cancelled.
    Spa in October will still happen but how many grid slots can we get? The rate of growth of the C1’s means that a grid in excess of 160 will be required in 2019 to give us the grid slots that we would like. This size of grid is unlikely, we will be negotiating hard with the Belgiums to get as many grid slots as possible, however, our negotiating position has been weakened somewhat by the fact that they agreed that we could take all our 55 entries this year but in the end only 44 turned up. They were disappointed, to say the least, that that we didn’t fill our allocated grid slots.
    Watch this space.


    That’s a shame. I assume the more substantial deposit required for Silverstone is there to negate the chances of this happening again? Makes sense to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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