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    Thanks all. Didn’t realise you could get 2 signatures from a 4 hour race. We have considered racing in other series to gain signatures but it is the fees which are prohibiting it. The first is the most expensive with championship/Club registration etc. Marshalling is an option but it’s just a lack of time between now and then to sort the training out. We can see how it plays out if we can multiple signature from Pembrey and Cadwell.


    Now that everyone should have paid up for Spa do we have a list of the UK C1’s entered?

    Philip Myatt

    28 so far. Still getting enquiries for late entries.


    Is there still a chance of putting an entry in for Spa?

    Got 3 drivers lined up so far and talking to a 4th and all the kit for the car has now arrived so will be fully up for it if the entry can still be taken

    Philip Myatt

    Hi, we have 30 grid slots at the moment, I’m quite prepared to ask for more but there are no guarantee’s that we will get them. To a point it will be on a first come first served basis. The sooner any entries are put in the better the chance of getting extra places.


    i’ll get all the info together and put the entry in this week!



    phil does all the money need to be paid in one go or will a deposit secure a space?


    My entry has been submitted and deposit paid but is that confirmed and if i send the money we have a place? or will you confirm before i send the remaining money over?

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    Caryl Wills

    Hi Peter,

    Your entry is confirmed and you will have a place.

    Caryl Wills

    The entry list looks like this so far:

    Team Car#
    Absolute Alignment 146
    Academy Motorsport 124
    Academy Motorsport 125
    Academy Motorsport 162
    Bianco Auto Developments 131
    Burgers not Ballast 119
    CAMSPORT 150
    Coast Racing 141
    Coast Racing 142
    Coast Racing 143
    Cock Endurance 169
    Craner Motorsport /PT Sportscars 139
    Daltonator 153
    DDCW Racing 118
    LMPC1 127
    Match Racing 105
    Match Racing 106
    McAttack Racing 147
    NGMSport 133
    Rent Boys 101
    Rent Boys 122
    Rent Boys New car
    Scuderia Pollo Rosso 110
    SMG Racing 107
    SPY Motorsport 27
    Team Bengineering 109
    Team C’est La Vie 149


    Rich Bernard

    That’s an excellent entry list and a real testament to the series.


    Can we place bright / coloured identification lights on our cars for Spa? Last year they were easy to spot as there weren’t that many, cars will be more difficult to spot this year.

    Philip Myatt

    The SSR’s for the race will allow ID lights to be used on the cars but any ID lights have to be MSA/FIA compliant which restricts things quite a lot.


    Is there a time table (even if rough) for Spa? Want to get Timeoff/Ferries/Hotels sorted.

    Philip Myatt

    Expect something like the following

    Friday 9am – Testing starts (payable on the day)

    Friday afternoon – signing on and scrutineering and poss drivers briefing

    Sat 9am – Qually – usually 1.5 hours

    Sat 4pm – Race start

    Sunday 5pm – Trophies

    It is possible to get back to Calais for a late crossing.

    Signing on could be a very long winded affair if we haven’t all sorted our details out. We need all drivers details and an electronic head and shoulders photo of every driver so that Belgian club membership cards can be produced, please send these asap to help us get it all sorted early.


    Do you have an upto date entry list now with drivers/car numbers for the event?

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