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    Hi all a quick question we have entered Croft which will be our firsting outing in a C1. Are we able to wire in a VBox camera system
    many thanks spencer


    No. Only Aim Solo can be fitted. See reg. 10.2.12.


    Timing has to be with the Aim Solo as per regs, we have the Solo2

    Video camera is a new requirement this year but there is some ambiguity as to what is acceptable beyong the C1 club, regs state a screen mounted camera is required and gives some specifications as to field of view and quality etc. Camera has to be hard wired for power to a particular source too (cig lighter socket). We’re looking at 3M screen mounts with a GoPro (we’re not doing 24hr races so we’re hoping a 128Gb card will recor a full race), we’ll have a second GoPro behind the driver also hard wired for power.

    I think the idea was that as this is “an affordable” race series something like the VBOX wasnt in-keeping with that principle

    Martin Short

    Aim Solo is £360, Cheapest Go Pro, £160, Power supply for car for Go Pro, £20, 128 GB card, £25. Total £565.
    Difficult to link video to data. Difficult to change SD car during race to review after pit stops. Only get a view out the window, not what the driver was up to, making it harder to review driver actions if there’s an incident.

    Vbox, 2 Cameras, one out the front, the other looking at the driver, easy data overlays, ties up instantly with video, perfect to train novice drivers using good driver data, able to swap cards during pit stop without aggro, and possibility to also link ECU to data stream to see throttle traces etc. £1194 plus 2 x 32GB cards £15, Total difference is £644. And 5 years life and amazing benefits over that time.

    Double the money, but a much more useful tool, for organisers, drivers, teams, tutors and pupils.

    Whilst I love the way that C1 is costed, it does seem luddite like to not allow VBOX. I bought one at the AS show for £800 plus vat as they were doing an offer. I’m sure if they were approached by the club, a similar of better deal could be done for C1 teams to benefit.

    I used it yesterday at Silverstone to help my son in his first ever race car (C1) and track experience and it was brilliant in helping him. I find it rather frustrating that I now have to buy an aim laptimer, and a clunky go pro, to replace it for the race weekend, to do a much worse job.


    As you’ve said Martin, a Vbox is much more useful so it’s a big advantage having one. And even with your generous costing of the Aim and a suitable action or dash cam, the Vbox is well over double the price which not everyone can afford.

    Martin Short

    I understand it’s a big lump yes, but it’s a long term investment, in much the same way that buying 2-3 sets of alloy wheels at £800 is. The benefits of a system for proper driver coaching, reviewing of incidents etc for me far outweighs the extra cash needed for the Vbox, and it’s even better value at the show price / negotiated C1 price. I do understand the costings, I came from kit car racing a lifetime ago lol. I can also see that most people already have the AIM, and the addition of any camera system ( having reviewed the rules ;0 ) does make it a cheap upgrade. I get it. Also I can see that those teams with VBOXES will be able to train their drivers better than those without. So it’s a situation developed and borne with time. It’s still a shame lol. The AIM price was from the Demon Tweeks website. Are their cheaper ones available?


    If you call Demon Tweeks directly and let them know you’re a C1 Racing Club member they’ll do a club discount, i think we paid £299 delivered for ours. There is a chap who deals with our club specifically but his name escapes me, it likely someone will have a better memory than me and will add it to the post?

    Philip Myatt

    Craig Couzens at Demon Tweeks

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