Ready to race for less than £3.7k

A number of cars have been built to this budget – and some a bit under it when the owners already had seats and harnesses they could use.

A donor car can by purchased from ebay (usually not the cheapest place), from Autotrader or from Copart. Copart prices seem to be the lowest, but you must factor in their buying costs which are typically just over £100.

Quite a few donor cars have been bought for £600-700. Make sure you get the lowest mileage car available. If a donor car has done more than 100k miles keep looking.

Mandatory items

The following items are  mandatory  and mostly cover MSA required safety equipment:

Item Cost
Car £900
Club Suspension, Guard and Roll Cage Kit £1613
Springs – lowering 35mm £110
Club ECU Remapping £85
Seat/mounts/belts £410
Fire extinguisher kit – 4ltr £265
Red fog bulb £5
Master switch & pull cable £28
Battery cable £32
Tyres (4off) £180
FIA window film £20
Bonnet straps £7
Tow straps £20
Total: £3,675

Optional items

Optional items are as follows:

Item Cost
Lap timer £302
Top strut brace £80
Spot lights £146
Foot plate & Pedal extensions £49
Total: £577

Next Steps…

Once you’ve bought your base car, you can buy most of the parts from your favourite suppliers. The Club suspension and guard kit must be purchased from our web shop where you’ll find good deals on other parts too.