What do you need to start racing?

A car racing licence

Race licences are available from the MSA (Motor Sports Association) which is the UK motor sport governing body. To get your first license you will need to complete an ARDS course. The ARDS course is a 2 part event of track driving and a written test to make sure you are safe and know the basic rules before joining us on track.

A racing licence pack can be purchased from the MSA here. The cost is about £100 and includes MSA’s rules and regulations book – commonly referred to as the ‘blue book’.

Details of the many available ARDS courses can be found by contacting one the ARDS schools here. The cost is about £350.

If you are a first time applicant you will need a medical before applying for your race license. These can be done by your GP and are similar in style to medicals done for life insurance purposes. The cost is about £100

Personal Safety equipment
Compulsory for every race driver will be a helmet, Frontal Head Restraint device, fireproof overalls, boots and gloves, all of which must comply with MSA regulations. Fireproof vest, long johns and socks are strongly advised.

Membership of the C1 Racing Club Limited
Membership will provide you with your racing number, important race information, invites to social events, club discount schemes and will allow you to score points in our championship rounds. You can join the club here. Membership costs £50.

Membership of BRSCC
The British Racing Sports Car Club will provide you with your race entries and information, club discount scheme, club magazine and race dates through out the year. Look at the BRSCC website here.

Vehicle Safety equipment
Cars need to comply with current MSA safety requirements. You will need a roll cage, fire extinguisher, racing harness, plus other less expensive safety items. The MSA blue book will list all safety requirements that must be met for circuit racing. Fire extinguishers should have been recently checked or re-filled and harnesses should be ‘in-date’ – these days they have a 5 year lifespan, the expiry of which is marked on the belts near the buckle fastening.

A race car
Race cars can be built yourself, borrowed, bought and hired. There is nothing stopping you from getting on the track. Lots of useful information can be found on our Build Notes page.