2024 Entries Now Open

All prices are inclusive of VAT.
Not long to wait now for our first round, we look forward to seeing you again soon.   Looking ahead to our 24hr round we’re still planning to include an ‘Invitation class’ but for now we’ll be opening entries to C1 Club Members only. The invitation class will be given the opportunity to enter the 24hr race from March, from this point onwards it will be a first come first serve basis until we reach capacity. Full detail on this, will be confirmed in the coming weeks.
Race Entry Procedure 

Become a member. You can do this using the button ‘Join the Club’ at the bottom of this email to firstly register. (if you’ve already done this/renewed for the season, go to step 5)
1. Complete the form that appears on screen. (Website Registration)
2. Once you’ve registered please sign in.
3. You can now become a member, click on the ‘Join Today’ button.
4. Complete the ‘Purchase Membership’ form, and click ‘Purchase’ at the bottom of the screen. 
5. Click on ‘Login/Register’ on the website.
6. Double check ‘Your Details’ are correct, click on ‘update details’ to leave the screen, this will save any changes you have made. If you are the person completing the race entry (this MUST be who you’ve selected as the car owner) please continue to step 7, if you are a driver only you have completed the process. 
7. If you have not already added your car in ‘My Portal’, select the ‘Your Garage’ tab, complete the form and then click ‘Request number’. (This request will be processed within 48hrs). If you are the person completing the race entry, please now follow the Processing Entries steps below.

**If you are a car owner you MUST also be a paid up member for the next bit to work.**

Processing Entries. (CAR OWNERS ONLY, this does not need to be the register keeper on the logbook)
1. Head over to the BRSCC race hub that can be found here, or click on ‘Enter Race Events’ on your ‘My Portal’. Skip steps 2&3 if you’ve already used Race Hub to enter a C1 Race.
2. Enter the same email address as before and RESET PASSWORD.
3. You will receive an email, follow the instructions. (Check junk/spam)
4. Once you’re logged into Race Hub, click on ‘Race Entries’ and the events you’re eligible for will be listed.
5. You should now be able to enter each round you wish to.