The Survey Results Are In!

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The Survey Results Are In…5 door Citroen C1’s – Are you keen?
Simply put, yes, it would certainly seem that way!
We had over 90% of you say you are; so we will add this to the 2024 regulations. Please let us know if you are building one.
Top 10 ball draw, should it continue?
62% of those that responded to the survey are saying yes lets do it.
We as a club really like the concept, it gives different teams a higher chance of a win, we plan for it to continue for the 2024 season, but please do continue to share your feedback with us.

Should we develop a C1 Club race style catalytic converter?
78% of you say yes.
Listening to this feedback we will continue to develop and test a kit of parts. Once we are fully happy with the result and can guarantee the cheapest price we will allow it. No guarantee’s this will be for the start of 2024. 

Looking ahead at introducing the Mk2 Citroen C1’s
Lots of you shared your thoughts about this, we’ve tried to answer these succinctly, but if you wish to discuss this matter further, please reach out or come and have a chat with us during the season.
The vast majority of you asked for the Mk2 to have their own sperate class, and this is precisely how we propose to introduce them to the rounds. If however in time the evidence shows that they run equal to the Mk1’s then we’ll look to return to one class.
You want to know how we will keep it fair, that there wont be any major advantages, that we won’t over develop, and we’ll keep costs low. It is always our intention to keep the club as intended, ‘A club for motorsport enthusiasts that want to go endurance racing on a budget.’ We’ll involve our members every step of the way so you know our plans and have plenty of opportunity to have your say.
What will the package for the cars be?  Exactly the same as the Mk1’s, but some parts are unlikely to be interchangeable. What are the known difference? BHP, weights etc.  Factory BHP is the same, we don’t know real world power yet, the weight is to be confirmed but from what we know so far they will be the same.
Rather than Mk2 have you considered Peugeot/Toyota?  For now this is not something we are considering. It’s C1 racing club because of the Citroen 2cv heritage so for now this is what we’re sticking with.
How will the regulations change?  The 2024 regulations will have no technical changes to specification just wording clarifications.

Other Topics Raised
Where have the longer races and double headers gone?
Sadly, like most, C1 Club have not been immune to the current financial climate. Last season we tried longer races and more double headers, but we just didn’t get the uptake. So we’ve taken it back to basics for our 2024 season, we’ve reduced our rounds to 6 and stuck to 3 hour races only. Whilst we know lots of you love the longer races and double headers (we do to), we wanted to make sure we could still offer affordable endurance racing for all. We hope that we can offer longer races and double headers again before long.
Why has the 24hr moved to Anglesey?
We made a conscious decision to move away from the Silverstone GP circuit this year in a continued effort to keep costs down. The Silverstone costs for 2024 are more than double what it was in 2019 and with the numbers we have been seeing over the past 3 years the entry fee this year would need to have been over £7000.  We know Anglesey is not the closest circuit for everyone  but we hope that you feel the savings make the trip worth your while. C1’s have been lapping Anglesey in the Race of Remembrance for years now and those who regularly do the 12hr race love the track and it’s facilities. Tyre wear was a concern for a lot of people but its actually much the same strategy as Silverstone, fuel and front tyres every 2hrs (give or take for set up and pace) and change the rears once in the 24hrs.
Why are certain circuits not part of this years season?
For two reason’s. We’ve tried to stick to those most popular with you our drivers and we can only go to circuits where our endurance package works with BRSCC’s calendar of events, we need garages and marshals so there has to be a good mix of racing to attract the orange army.
Social media and Marketing
You’ve spoken and we’ve listened, so this year we’ll be doing everything in our power to up the social media content and improve our marketing. The first step is our new look emails, we hope you like them, but you’re the ones that have to look at them so constructive feedback is always welcome,  
If we’ve not answered your questions or responded to your comments in this summary, please know we will have read and considered your feedback, but to keep our response as concise as possible, items raised by one or two individuals may not have been addressed. Robin and the C1 Team are always happy to chat through ideas, concerns, or questions you may have, so please reach out if you would like to know more.