Announcing some sprint races for C1s at Croft

There is some really exciting news about our Croft race meeting in September. We’ve been offered some more track time and thought we’d try some sprint races. Our main 5hr endurance race will be on Sunday, with qualifying on Saturday. We’ve been offered 5 x 20 minute races on Saturday afternoon for £300. The format will be 4 races and a final. This will give those in 2 driver teams a chance to race in 2 sprints each, those in 4 driver teams a race each and those teams with 3 drivers will have to draw lots, but at least everyone gets a sprint race. One driver could do all 4 sprints and the final themselves. The final will be driven by the fastest driver in each team.

These races are optional and will not affect grid positions in the 5hr race. There is still some planning to do, but this is fantastic value racing.

The entry form is now live and you will find it here. Places will be issued on a first come first served basis as there will only be 40 cars allowed to start (instead of 54 for the 5hr race) due to each race duration being less that 2 hrs.

Snetterton update – Membership cards

If you’ve recently (in the last 3 weeks) joined the club or renewed your membership and will be racing at Snetterton, you will be able to collect your membership card from garage 1 on Friday from 6pm and on Saturday morning at BARC signing on. You won’t be able to sign-on if you don’t have your club membership card or race licence.

Snetterton update – HuTags

If you haven’t raced this year, you’ll need to collect and pay for (£10) your HuTag. These will be available from garage 1 from 6pm on Friday evening.

Snetterton update – Club office

You’ll be able to find the club directors in garage 1 from about 5pm on Friday afternoon until 7pm on Saturday.

Snetterton update – Tuff Jug vent plugs

We will be scrutineering Tuff Jugs this weekend, so you’ll need to bring 2 Tuff Jugs with each car to the scrutineering bay on Saturday morning. If you have black vents in your Jug, they must be replaced by white blanking plugs. These will be available free of charge from the club. If you have white blanking plugs that have been modified so they let air into the Jug, they must be replaced by new unmodified blanking plugs that will be charged at £5 each. All Tuff Jugs will have scrutineer seals applied and these are the only Jugs that may be used for refuelling.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again at Snetterton this coming weekend. If you’re new to the club, come and say hello in garage 1.

The C1 Racing Team

Following a great meeting at Pembrey we’re now getting ready for a trip to the other side of the country and looking forward to some great racing at Snetterton. This newsletter is to let you know about some changes we’re making to clarify the refuelling regulations, to align our race entry procedures with BARC and to let you know about some new brake pads that will be available for Rockingham.

Refuelling Regulations

There has been lots of discussion about the refuelling regulations within the membership and in the board, so we’re going to simplify things for everybody (including the marshals). Section 2.11 in the regulations will be replaced with the following text with immediate effect.

2.11 Refuelling
2.11.1 Re-fuelling must be carried out using an unmodified Sunoco/Fair Trails Enterprises Inc. Tuff Jug fitted with an unmodified Tuff Jug Multi Spout adaptor on the Ripper valve. If the Tuff Jug was supplied with either black or white vent plugs, they must be permanently sealed so as to not allow air to enter the Tuff Jug.
2.11.2 Tuff Jugs must be clearly labelled with the race number of the car on which it is to be used.
2.11.3 A maximum of 2 Tuff Jugs may be used per car and each Tuff Jug may only be used once per pit stop.
2.11.4 Refuelling must only take place in the pit lane.
2.11.5 The filler cap shall be securely in place at any time the car is on the circuit, failure to ensure this could result in the car being black flagged.
2.11.6 Fuel must only be drawn from the filling station nominated by the Organisers in advance of the event and advised by official bulletin. The Club reserves the right to take a sample of fuel from a team’s Tuff Jug.  Refusal to provide a fuel sample will result in exclusion from the race.
2.11.7 During refuelling the engine must be turned off and the driver must vacate the car. The car must remain unsupported with all 4 tyres on the ground and with doors, bonnet and boot lid all closed. No work of any kind may be carried out on the car whilst refuelling. Refuelling is determined to start when the fuel filler cap is opened and completed when the fuel filler cap is closed.
2.11.8 Refuelling equipment may not be used in such a way as to increase the fuel flow rate over that engendered by gravity and non-assisted airflow. The Organisers reserve the right to instruct the team to modify their refuelling procedures and failure to comply with such instruction may lead to exclusion from the event.
2.11.9 The team member who actually refuels the car during a pit stop must wear fireproof overalls, gloves and balaclava. In addition a foam fire extinguisher must be adjacent to another team member also dressed in fireproof overalls, gloves and balaclava during the refuelling process in case it needs to be used.
2.11.10 Smoking is not permitted in the garages, pit lane or on the pit wall at any time during the event. This rule also applies to electronic cigarettes. All team members and guests must be made aware of this restriction and failure to comply will lead to immediate exclusion for the car concerned.
2.11.11 Each team must provide a foam fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 6 litres.

Race Entry Procedure

BARC and TSL have requested that we provide them with a firm, unchanging entry list at least 2 weeks before the race meeting. This is to allow them time to prepare their paperwork, publish the program and populate their timing systems with our data. So to bring our processes in line, we will be closing the entry list at midnight on the Sunday, 2 weeks before the race weekend. It will not be possible to make changes once the entry forms have been closed, so please make sure all your entries are completed by that time.

From August 10th 2018 a charge of £40 will be made for each change made to an entry after the closing date.

Advanced Notice of a New Brake Pad Material

We were surprised at the rate of wear of the 1144 brake pads at Rockingham, so we’ve been back to the manufacturer and they have recommended their F4R material. This is a much harder material and has a much higher heat rating. These were tested last season by one of the cars (when brake pads were free) and we have done some testing independently since. We expect these pads to last for at least the Rockingham and Spa 24hr races. They will be approximately twice the price of the 1144s and we will have stock in time for the Rockingham 24hr race weekend. They will be allowed as an option pad, so you can continue to use the cheaper 1144 if you want. We’ll post more details and put them on the shop nearer the time.

2019 Survey

You will shortly receive an invitation to complete a survey for the 2019 season. We want to know what type of races you’d like to do next year. We will always stick to our core objectives of providing low cost endurance racing, but you may like to do some sprint races as well. Please take the time to complete the survey – it will help us provide the racing YOU want to do.

Snetterton Timetable

A provisional timetable for the Snetterton race meeting on the 4th August has been published here. Everything for the C1 Club is happening on Saturday. Race entries for this race will close at midnight on Sunday 22nd July 2018.

The C1 Racing Team