The 2019 season rapidly approaches and the C1 Calendar is confirmed as follows.

Event Date Circuit Duration Entry fee Entries
£ open
1 16th March Croft 2x3hr 890 open
2 26-28 April Silverstone 24hr 3500 open
3 25/26 May Anglesey 4hr 690 open
4 7-9 June Pembrey 2x6hr 1170 27th Jan
5 27/28 July Mallory sprints 450 10th Feb
6 10/11 Aug Snetterton 300 3hr 800 10th Mar
7 6-8 Sept Anglesey 24hr 2700 24th Mar
8 21/22 Sept Croft 4hr 760 7th Apr
9 25-27 Oct Spa 24hr tbc 2nd Jun
10 9/10 Nov Brands Hatch 2hr 700 14th Apr

The first three events are now open for entries with the fourth opening this coming Sunday at 8pm.
Visit the calendar page on our website here to fill in the entry forms.

The C1 Racing Team

We did say mostly….. We were conscious, when we announced the provisional calendar, that the closure of Rockingham had taken quite a bit of track capacity out of the market, so we hadn’t got as much as we’d wanted.  We’ve been working away at that with BARC, and have managed to secure three more race dates; and you can rest assured that we are working on getting hold of more for you.

Date Circuit Format
16 March Croft 2x3hr
25/26 May Anglesey 4hr
21/22 Sept. Croft 4hr
The updated calendar remains provisional for now.  We’ll keep you posted.

The overall 2019 Calendar for all the C1 Racing Club organized events now looks like this:

Date Circuit Format
16 March
27/28 April
25/26 May
8/9 June
28 July
10/11 August
6/7/8 Sept.
21/22 Sept.
26/27 Oct.
16/17 Nov.
Snetterton 300
Brands Hatch
Double-six hour


We will accord the deepest respect to anyone who manages all the races!

The C1 Racing Team

The news that you’ve all been waiting for is at last here.  Well mostly.  The calendar remains provisional for now, but this is next year as we know it today.  We don’t have prices yet and these are still a couple of weeks away, but at least this will allow you to put some dates in your diary.

As soon as we have firm prices agreed with BARC, we will start to open the entries to the races using our time-honoured system on the website.  We will email you a week before entries open and the forms become available, so you’ll have some notice.  As per Silverstone 24hr, you will need to enter the drivers for your race entry to be valid; and those drivers will have to be members of the club.

Date Circuit Format
27th/28th April Silverstone 24 hour
8th/9th June Pembrey Double-six hour
28th July Mallory Sprints
10th/11th August Snetterton 300 3 hour
6th/7th/8th Sept Anglesey 24 hour
26th/27th Oct Spa 24 hour
16th/17th Nov Brands Hatch 2 hour

As you may know, we have now launched in Portugal, as well has having a sister series in Belgium; and the Citybug series in Holland, so in total we are invited to the following races:

Date Circuit Format
30th/31st March Zolder, Holland 8 hour
7th April Braga, Portugal 6 hour
20th/21st April Magny Cours, France 6 hour
22nd/23rd June Anneau du Rhin 6 hour
23rd June Portimao, Portugal 6 hour
1st Sept Estoril, Portugal 6 hour
14th/15th Sept Zandvoort, Holland 5 hour
8th/9th/10th Nov Anglesey, RoR 12 hour
9th/10th Nov Mettet, France 6 hour

We’ll be distinctly impressed by anyone that manages to do all the races, especially as some of the international ones clash; but there’s enough to keep us all busy in 2019.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The C1 Racing Team

We are ridiculously excited to announce that we have agreed with BARC and Silverstone that our first UK 2019 24-hour race will be held on the Silverstone GP circuit on the 26th, 27th and 28th April, 2019.

 That’s right:  the same circuit that the Formula One race takes place on.  With 110 C1s, which means two start groups.  We are of course inviting our Belgian, Portuguese and Scottish friends to join us, but also expect teams from Germany, Hong Kong and the Unites States of America too.

Outline timetable is:

Qualification                        Friday 26th April 2030-2200hrs

Race start                               Saturday 27th April 1700hrs

We have elected for the old Formula One garages, because they have more space, especially in the paddock behind the garages; they are next to the showers and other amenities; and because we just prefer the pit lane entry there.

The entry fee is £3,500, payable 50% on booking; and 50% before 28th February, 2019. Entries will open, as usual on the C1 Racing Club website, at 1700hrs on Sunday 28th October.   Please remember that to book, you and your drivers need to be current Club members.

The balance of the 2019 season calendar will be announced shortly, once it has been finalized with BARC and the circuits; but rest assured that we have reflected what you all asked for in the survey.

 Excited?  Its going to be a long winter.