We have been working hard over the winter on many things for you, one of which is to deal with a lingering concern that many of you have expressed to us, that other people are tinkering with their ECUs and gaining an advantage.  We are determined that the Series will have a level playing field for all competitors and that, through rigorous scrutineering, all competitors will have confidence that the field is genuinely level.

We are therefore going to require all cars use the same C1 Club-supplied map.   We aim to create a map that maintains reliability at the same time making the car more fun to drive, with a slightly increased rev limit, a little more power and improved throttle response.

Having solved the riddle of how to access the ECU we have asked the owners of all cars to help us work through this 2-stage process. The first being to analyse everyone’s ECU software and to uniquely tag each ECU for future identification purposes. We would like to complete this stage by the 18th March.

The second stage will be to upload the club ECU map that pertains to the software version installed in each ECU, we are determined to complete this stage before the Silverstone 24hr race at the end of April, to achieve this target we still need your help in supplying as many ECU’s as possible for data collection. There will be a charge of £80 plus VAT per ECU to cover the cost of map development, engineering time and shipping. It is intended that all cars racing in C1 Racing Club races from Silverstone 24hr onwards will be required to use a tagged ECU with the Club map installed.

You are reminded that the Club Regulations state the following about ECUs:

“No modifications or additions to the standard ignition system are allowed whatsoever. The electrical and physical attributes of the Engine Management Systems (ECU) must be totally standard. The C1 Series Organisers reserve the right to download data from a competitors ECU and to upload C1 Series Organiser’s data to the ECU. The C1 Series Organisers reserve the right to require competitors to submit their ECUs for compliance checking at any time”

We will be checking compliance with the Club map and software at each race meeting to ensure that all competitors are running the correct map and software.

The C1 Racing Team