We’ve almost finished our packing for Pembrey and got the transport ready for the journey half way to America; so thought that we should share a couple of  administrative points before heading out, since Pembrey have put in quite a bit of effort to make sure that we all have a great time out there.

Although we won’t have pit garages, we will have a MOAM (the Mother Of All Marquees, which is a bit like a MOAB, but less dangerous).  A 90m by 6m marquee has been erected to the left of race control (looking at the track); and we also have all the space to the right as well.  So, if you have an Easy-Up (or Never-Up as our old one tended to be) then we will pop you to the right of Race Control; if you don’t we will allocate you a 3m space per car in the MOAM.  The perceptive among you will spot that means that there are 30 spaces in the MOAM, so hopefully, enough people will have Easy-Ups…..

Campers will have a separate dedicated parking area with hook ups for electricity.  Pembrey have shipped in a nice big quiet generator for us, so that we can create the usual spider’s web of cables and splitters around the camper area for the unwary to trip up on; and the rain to fuse.  Seriously though, we’ve made a big effort with Pembrey to make your stay better.

Fuel. Pembrey’s facilities are legendary, but a fuel station is not among them.  The good news is that means you can use fuel that doesn’t cost more than Chanel No 5; the bad news is that you have to get it yourself.  Happily, there is a nearbye Tesco at Parc Trostre, Llanelli, SA14 9UY, which is on the way to Pembrey; and yes, it does stock Momentum 99 Octane fuel, so guess what everyone is going to be running.  Its still cheaper than Chanel No 5 too.

Without wishing to be a kill joy, having random containers of fuel around the paddock as someone sparks up a post dinner cigarette is not a good idea; so there is a fuel dump where jerry cans of fuel have to be stored.  You will need to label your jerry cans with the number of your car, so that you can get them back again.  Overall, you are likely to need 75 litres or so for the 5-hour race; and about 30 litres for the 2-hour if you are doing it as well.

Remember that there is no way to cross the track once the race is in progress, so bring plenty of food and drink (non-alcoholic for participants during the day…) in with you, since you will not be able to get out during the sessions, nor leave the circuit at the end until the racing is over.

Full details for the weekend are on the BARC website here:


with a reminder of the bits relevant to us:

Start End
0730 Signing on
0735 Scrutineering
1000 1100 Qualifying
1250 1750 Race
1030 1120 Qualifying
1400 1600 Race

Bear in mind that, although signing on and scrutineering starts bright and early on Saturday morning, we still have nearly 50 cars to get through, so expect it to take some time.  Please present your car with all drivers in kit (with helmet and HANS), full of fuel, with its C1 Club passport and MoT and with the drilled bolts in the right place for the lock wires.  You will be allowed a maximum of 2 weighs on the shiny new wireless scales; and if you aren’t sure about your car, please bring plenty of ballast with you, since the weight limit requires ballast in pretty much all cases.  Bear in mind that the winner of the 24-hour was 16kg over the minimum limit, so it can’t be that critical.

Look forward to seeing you at Pembrey

The C1 Racing Team