We’ve now had a debrief meeting with Rockingham and are meeting BARC later this week to review how the 24hr weekend all went; we’ve also had some feedback from members on the weekend, although precious little.  Thank you to those who have given us feedback, but surely more of you must have views on driving standards, admin, facilities and so on?  Please – tell us what you think on how we can make the weekend better both on and off track?

Pembrey, and the trip down the M4 half way to the United States of America-land, is already looming large.  We have a full grid for the 5hr race on the Saturday.  BARC have also just made some track time available for us on the Sunday, so we took that like a shot – if you’ve made the pilgrimage all the way down the M4 to Pembrey, you might as well do two races rather than one; another 2hrs racing and 50 minutes qualifying for £200 is great value in anyone’s book.

Full details for the weekend are on the BARC website here:


but here are the bits relevant to us:

Start End
0730 Signing on
0735 Scrutineering
1000 1100 Qualifying
1250 1750 Race
1030 1120 Qualifying
1400 1600 Race

Bear in mind that, although signing on and scrutineering starts bright and early on Saturday morning, we still have nearly 50 cars to get through, so expect it to take some time.  Please present your car with all drivers in kit (with helmet and HANS), full of fuel, with its C1 Club passport and MoT and with the drilled bolts in the right place for the lock wires.  You will be allowed a maximum of 2 weighs on the shiny new wireless scales; and if you aren’t sure about your car, please bring plenty of ballast with you, since the weight limit requires ballast in pretty much all cases.

As usual, in addition to our shiny new wireless scales, our trusty Breathalyser will be in action again.  If you’re crew chief, pit lane crew or a driver wearing your HuTag, please remember that we have a zero tolerance for alcohol.

To cut down on race day admin we have re- programmed the HuTags with your club membership number; and rather than paying a £10 deposit and returning them, you will now purchase them from us for £10 at your first race (or when you join as a member). It will then be your responsibility to bring it to every race to have it fitted at Signing on. Without your tag you will not be able to get out onto the circuit. No more collecting, returning, deposits etc etc.

Driving standards remain in our focus, since there was still too much panel damage at Rocky.  We will be testing some low-cost in car cameras at Pembrey, which we are likely to mandate in all cars when we are confident that we have a cost and reliability with which we are comfortable.  We are likely to require all cars to have an operating camera at all times, with a penalty if its not working.  Given how little in-car cameras cost now, we hope that you will all agree that this is a step worth taking to raise driving standards.

We are thrilled to announce that Scruffybear will be providing full coverage of the Pembrey weekend.  Find him on www.scruffybear.com.  We are working on the in-car cameras with Scruffy so that he can use the footage direct from the cars, to give full in-car coverage.  Coverage will be on the C1 Racing channel on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW-ebEnSs-c0f7qJRA_-12g), BARC TV (www.barctv.net)  and all the websites that covered the Rockingham 24hr weekend.  Marvin Hall, our club photographer (https://www.facebook.com/mhpic/) will be there taking stills; and Peter Scherer writing it all up.

Rick, from www.smallcarsrus.co.uk will also be at Pembrey with an improved selection of spares and consumables based on what was needed at Le Rock.  If there is anything specific that you’d like him to bring, please let him know.  We will also have a number of everything that is available on the club shop; and will be bringing some of you recent orders along to the track with us.

Lastly, you may have heard about the exciting and thrilling new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) that came into effect May 25, 2018.  We are overjoyed about this and have been looking forward to it for years!  It’s taken up virtually none of our time and has been so much more interesting than running a race series (Said no-one, ever!).  To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need to share our Privacy Policy with you, so please read the page-turning exciting document here:  https://c1racing.club/privacy-policy/

Look forward to seeing you at Pembrey

The C1 Racing Team