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Rockingham 3hr and 24hr Race Meeting Latest Information

This is the latest information for the upcoming race meeting at Rockingham Raceway next weekend.

RIP Rockingham
You have probably already heard the sad news that Rockingham has been sold; and that the new owners do not intend to operate it as a race track.  RIP Rocky – it’s a circuit that we’ve certainly enjoyed racing and testing at; and it feels like quite a loss to us, given the quality of the facilities there.  This means that our second Rocky 24hr is likely to be the last ever 24hr race at Rockingham.  This newsletter is mostly on the upcoming 24hr and 3hr races.

Rocky 24hr – would you like to drive the safety car?
As something of an experiment, we offered a chance for people to drive the safety car in Rocky I.  It all went swimmingly well; and we had so many volunteers that instead of the 8 that we asked for, the 20 or so people who volunteered all seemed to enjoy the experience; so we are going to do it again!  As per last time, neither previous experience, nor a race licence is needed, although you do need a normal road licence; all you would have to do is follow the instructions of the marshal in the car with you.  As usual, it’s going to be first-come, first-served.  Please email meyrick@c1racing.club to volunteer.

Rocky Timetable – be in the right place at the right time
BARC have now published the full weekend timetable, which can be found here. We will not have access to the paddock until 1900hrs on Thursday night; and need to clear the paddock completely by 1000hrs Monday morning.  Rockingham has very kindly agreed to open the Diner on Monday morning so you can have a bacon buttie to speed you on your way.

Group photograph – make a little piece of history
We are going to repeat the group photograph of all the C1 Race Cars at the weekend.  This will take place immediately after the warm up for the 24hr race:  please would the 3hr cars line up in the hot pitlane during the 24hr warm up; we will then guide all the 24hr cars to join them, rather than going back to the pits; and hopefully it will be as bright and sunny as on the test day for the photographs.  We will take pictures, first with and then without drivers (although one driver should get in the car, so as to be able to move the cars promptly once we’ve finished, so we would be grateful if all drivers (both 3hr and 24hr) could be in their race suits with their helmets for the photo shoot.  We will aim to clear all the cars from the hot pitlane by 1110hrs, so that it is clear again for the SEC Tin Tops race, which starts at 1120hrs.  It’s going to be tight, so please all be there on time.

Passes & Paddock policy
Each 24hr car will be allocated two vehicle paddock passes and 16 access passes for team members; 3hr teams will get the usual 4 access passes, but no vehicle paddock passes.  Drivers should park their cars in the outer paddock.  If you are sharing a garage, please be considerate of the other team; and don’t, for example, grab all the parking spaces just behind the garage.  The paddock police will not be accommodating and may remove passes from those being inconsiderate…

Club HQ & Signing on
Club headquarters will be in garages 35 and 36 for the entire weekend.  Membership cards will be available from Club HQ on Thursday evening:  you will need them to sign on for the test day, and for the race weekend.  Club HQ is also where breathalysing and Club signing-on will be; you should already have a HuTag, which you will need to bring with you, those that do not have one will need to purchase one (£10) from the Club.  HuTags need to be worn on the right wrist all weekend. Teams will also need to collect and pay for their pitlane bibs (£40) from Club HQ.  BARC signing on will be in Race Administration (within the school building at the rear of the inner paddock). At least one driver in every car (not team) needs to be a member of BARC, so please ensure that you have joined before the day. The Clerk of the Course will be in Race Control, which is located on Level 2, Stairwell 6; which can be accessed from the paddock via the tunnel next to garage 36, there is a lift next to the Diner; although we hope none of you will be summoned to visit.

Drivers’  briefings
There will be separate drivers’ briefings for the 3hr and the 24hr, which will take place immediately after qualifying in the scrutineering suite for the 3-hour; and in the Rockingham Welcome Centre at 1530hrs for the 24hr on Saturday.  The first part will be for all drivers and team managers in both the 3hr and 24hr races; the second will be for those drivers that are starting both the 3hr and 24hr races and will follow immediately after the first briefing.  Entrance to and exit from the briefings will be recorded by means of the HuTags, so there will be no getting out of attending the briefings.  If a team manager does not attend, the team’s drivers will not be allowed on circuit; if a driver does not attend, they will not be allowed on circuit.

There will be a different procedure for weighing this weekend.   We will shortly publish a timetable setting out half hour time slots during which you have to present your car for weighing.  Please present your car full of fuel with all the drivers (in their kit with helmets and HANS devices) present, so that we can manage this efficiently.  Please also ensure that, if your car has not already got a yellow weight tag, the drilled bolt is oriented with the hole at the top, and ideally in the rear outer corner of the ballast tray.  Each car will be allowed a test and a check weigh only, so you will need to bring with you any ballast that you need, as the club does not supply it.

Penalties & Pitlane Speed limit – stick to it!
There will again be a pitlane speed limit of 30 kph, which corresponds to a little under 4,000rpm in first gear, and will be rigorously enforced with the Club’s radar gun. For those of you who haven’t read the Club’s fixed penalties, they can be found here. There is a new penalty for drivers who do not stop and register their HuTag on the exit of the pit lane.  This is so as to ensure that teams with 4 drivers are not at a disadvantage to those with fewer drivers.

Pit wall etiquette
All team members on the pit wall will have to wear a C1 Racing Club high visibility bib at all times, four of which will be available for each car.  No pit wall shelters will be allowed, as it would hinder the visibility of teams further down the pit lane; nor may any pit boards be attached to the pit wall.  LED pit boards are not allowed.

Car numbers
A brief reminder on car numbers: all 24hr cars must display reflective race numbers as required by Section Q 11.4 of the MSA Yearbook.  Touring car style and high visibility race numbers are not permitted.

Pits for 3hr teams
The 3hr teams will not have a pit allocation, unless their team is also running cars in the 24hr race.  They will be based in the outer paddock, along with the SEC Tin Tops and Modified Saloons teams; and will only be able to bring fuel, tyres and a working tool box to the pit lane.  We suggest that the remaining 3hr teams pair up with a 24hr team, to be located in front of their garage.  We would be very grateful if those 24hr teams would help out those 3hr teams with tools and by providing some space if possible.

SSRs – please read them
Finally, please make sure that you have read the SSRs for the 24hr race, which will be published on the BARC website shortly, and any other bulletins that come out.  All the Club directors have been published as DSOs and Judges of Fact for the event; and you will see us, especially at the first corner, sporting our identifying pink DSO bibs.

Come and join us for a drink on Thursday evening
We will be arriving on the Thursday night and will be staying at Rockingham for the whole weekend, so please come and join us for a drink the night before – although bear in mind that the club breathalyzer will be in action again for drivers, pit crew and team managers throughout the weekend.  See you then.

The C1 Racing Team