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Rockingham – New circuit layout agreed for 24 hour

Following a significant level of comments from you all, we have been working with Rockingham, BARC and the MSA to be able to use the International Circuit at the second Rocky.  We have now secured all the consents that we need to be able to do that, and are delighted to announce that we will be running that slightly longer layout, which incorporates Gretton, Turn 4 of the oval, and puts a chicane in Turn 1; but eliminates the rather fiddly chicane at Brook and the pit entrance.


To help you all get used to it, the Test Day at Rockingham on 16th August will also run this layout.  We have some spaces left and at £195 for the day it’s great value, whether or not you are planning on doing the 24-hour.  We can run it under a mix of track / test day regulations, with overtaking wherever you like, ability to time using the in-car timers, but no pit boards.  This will allow drivers without a race licence to take part; and allow you to take passengers with you. We know that the test day at Snetterton was not what everyone hoped for, but this one is much more under our control; and we can pretty much guarantee that you will get a lot of track time. 


Come and join us, there’s the usual friendly Club welcome with a BBQ at lunchtime for everyone.  We look forward to seeing you there.  We will have both our cars out testing some tyre variants for wear, entertainment and grip, and we’ll let you know afterwards how we get on.

The C1 Racing Team