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Pembrey Update

Another weekend of red hot racing!  I didn’t expect to come from Dubai with pale skin and return with healthy tan (well.. sunburn really)  but that’s what happened last weekend.  Fortunately for all, the Mother of all Marquees (MOAM) was used as sunshade rather than monsoon refuge.  Will the Race of Remembrance at Anglesey be […]

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We’ve now had a debrief meeting with Rockingham and are meeting BARC later this week to review how the 24hr weekend all went; we’ve also had some feedback from members on the weekend, although precious little.  Thank you to those who have given us feedback, but surely more of you must have views on driving […]

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A Driver’s Review – 25th May 2018

Citroen C1 Racing: A Driver’s Review 15TH MAY 2018 Whilst Le Mans 24hr is a fantastic event with an understandably huge and fanatical following, the cost to buy, enter and run a competitive racing car is very high. For drivers who are new to the racing scene, or experienced racers who want a low-cost alternative, the C1 […]

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Rockingham I 24hr

Thank you all who made the Test Day at Rockingham such a success, although the glorious weather certainly didn’t hurt.  We saw 57 cars out on circuit (which collectively made less noise than the single rather marvelous Aston Martin GT3 that was running in the other session);  pretty good driving standards overall with only one […]